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“One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.”


Losing a loved one is one of the most trying times in our lives. The loss of a parent, child, friend, sibling, or any other loved one is one that cannot be put into words. We too have experienced the tormenting sorrow known as grief. But, we have also learned that death affords you one last opportunity to honor the life and memories of your recently departed.

We all deal with loss in our own ways, but studies reveal that the act of honoring the life of your loved one is overwhelmingly beneficial. This is what we offer you here at Full Circle. We provide you with various ways to pay tribute to your loved one in a way that is most fitting.

Was your relative a passionate nature lover? Honor that with a glorious baby tree memorial nourished by their essence. Would your loved one prefer a more traditional tribute? You are able to obtain affordable handmade artisan caskets and urns. Do you want something personal to keep your loved one’s memory alive? You have the ability to secure keepsakes and jewelry fashioned from your loved one.

We have hand-selected the most meaningful commemorative products and compassionate services to empower you during these trying times.

Now is the opportunity to honor your departed loved one the way you feel they deserve to be celebrated, remembered, and cherished.


This is where you will find all the products you need to appropriately honor your loved one. Whether you’re looking for memorable tributes, worthy artisan caskets and urns, or even symbolic and personalized keepsakes, we have the ideal hand-picked item for you. Allow us to provide you with the items to conduct the send off or memorial that your loved one truly deserves.

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Allow us to help you with planning your final arrangements during these trying times. We will support you with the countless details required for your cultural and religious funeral services. Our clients want to grieve, not focus on coordinating vendors, planning services, and maintaining a budget. From burials to cremations to counselling services, we are here for you.

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Why Full Circle?

This company was born from our own experiences and needs. We truly felt that we could not be the only ones that wanted to honor the lives of our loved ones in ways that best fit their personalities. While grieving, we wanted an easy and transparent way to purchase the products and services we desired to memorialize our recently deceased. Surprisingly, this was difficult to find. Traditional funeral homes kept trying to sell us products we did not want and did not offer what we needed. Some even smirked when we were seeking services for our deceased animal companions.

We value all life and believe honoring our deceased is the ultimate final expression of love that we can offer. This is why Full Circle was created.

Full Circle is the company I needed when my best friend Bonnie passed away. I will never forget their professionalism, understanding, and passion to help me through this dark time. They gave me ideas on how to celebrate the life of Bonnie, and I finally settled on their baby tree memorial. I can now look out through my window every day and see Bonnie’s final resting place and the new baby tree she is giving life to. Thank you Full Circle.

Alicia W.